• Enhanced Citizen Services
  • Optimized Operational Productivity
  • Total Security and Compliance

Better A2P Messaging Solution for Better Business Performance

Turnkey Solution

A2P Messaging Solution is a feature-rich, cloud-based service that empowers service providers and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to offer a comprehensive mobile messaging service to their enterprise customers. You will be able to immediately benefit from the growth of A2P messaging without the need to incur high expenditures.

White-labeled Enterprise-grade Messaging Service

With a customer-branded Enterprise Web Portal, service providers and MNOs can easily configure self-service capabilities for your enterprise customers including access to analytics and real-time message logs with a user experience tailored to match your brand.

Proven A2P Messaging Platform

A2P Messaging platform is built upon highly reliable, uniquely patented, and carrier-grade messaging technologies. Its industry-leading, flexible, and redundant cloud architecture delivers 99.99% service availability and reliability to handle any messaging volume. You will have a single point of entry for all A2P messaging traffic into your network with an easily scalable platform, providing more control and flexibility to grow your business.

Multi-Tenant Platform with Full Control

The multi-tenant architecture with role-based access controls allows service providers and MNOs to create and manage multi-level accounts to match the enterprise’s organizational structure and needs and ensures data privacy and security among tenants.