Safeguard your business and customer data with a second layer of credentials for user verification, remote logins, and online transactions. Protect your data with an on-demand, time-sensitive, One-Time Passcode (OTP) generated and sent to a user's registered phone number and preferred channel.


Accurate Customer Databases

Keep your database up-to-date by removing incorrectly formatted and un-used phone numbers, giving your enterprise a better sense of how many customers your company is really connecting with. Validate phone numbers during account registration and ensure you have the correct customer contact.


Reduce Delivery Cost

Gather insight on mobile phone numbers to optimize SMS and voice delivery. With valuable information such as the validity of a mobile number, its current country and network, and the live subscriber data, the optimal route for message delivery and voice calls is achieved to increase reachability and reduce delivery cost.


Strengthen Security

Assess fraud risk with real-time live subscriber status and roaming information before granting an online, high value financial transaction.

Use Cases:
  • Customer Database Cleansing
  • Optimize SMS and Voice Call Routing to Reduce Routing Cost
  • Verify Online, High-Value Financial Transaction