10DLC is a new carrier-sanctioned Application-to-Person (A2P) text messaging service in the United States using the traditional 10-digit long code phone numbers. It offers high message throughput and delivery rate while complying with carrier rules and regulations.

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Quickly set up and launch your customer engagement in a few days.

Higher Deliverability

Higher Deliverability

Increase delivery rates and improve customer experience with a carrier-sanctioned 10DLC messaging channel.

Cost-Effective Messaging

Cost-Effective Messaging

Minimize operation costs with low setup and monthly fees using the 10DLC messaging channel.

Business Recognition

Increase Business Recognition

Enhance brand presence by using an existing business landline or local number to communicate with your customers.


1. What is 10DLC?

2. Which mobile carriers have launched A2P 10DLC Messaging Service?

3. How do I register my 10DLC?

4. When is the registration deadline?

5. What information is required to register for 10DLC?

6. What are the 10DLC campaign use cases?

7. What channels are supported on 10DLC?

8. What is my campaign throughput?

9. What is the vetting process?

10. Is a new telephone number required to use the 10DLC messaging channel?

11. How long does it take to get my 10DLC approved?

12. What are 10DLC service fees?

13. Does 10DLC rules apply to Toll Free Numbers and Short Codes?

14. Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?