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Enabling Communication.

Connecting more than 400 Million Mobile Subscribers globally with over Trillion Messages in a year

Enterprise Services

Maximize your customer reach and engagement with Omni-channel Enterprise Messaging Platform

1-Way & 2-Way Messaging

Equips your enterprise with an exceptionally robust set of unilateral and interactive messaging capabilities, providing instant and secure communication with your users around the world.

Text 2 Speech

Enables your enterprise to deliver a prerecorded voice message to mobile and landline numbers with an option to deliver text messages to mobile numbers and fall back to voice messages, if needed.

Two-Factor Authentication One-Time Passcodes

Enables your enterprise to strengthen your security with a second layer of credentials for user verification, remote logins and online transactions. Enterprises with their own 2-FA solution can count on Convergence to deliver OTP to their users worldwide.

Number Lookup

Provides valuable information on numbers for database cleaning and optimized performance of your mobile communications with customers.

Campaign Manager

A cloud-based, mobile messaging service that empowers your enterprise to create and launch highly engaging, integrated marketing campaigns using a convenient, easy-to-use web interface, centralized control and management capabilities and analytical reports.

Content Management System

Provides your enterprise with an easy-to-use, collaborative system for creating, editing, and managing customized messaging content via templates. The CMS together with the EMS A2P Messaging Platform delivers customized notifications to customers via SMS and Email.

Rich Communication Services

RCS Chat Bot dramatically expands your enterprise messaging capabilities through unique and interactive user experiences. RCS provides an ubiquitous business messaging communication to mobile users and any of their devices.

Social Media

Enables your enterprise to create and deploy bot in Over-The-Top (OTT) messaging apps quickly and easily to communicate with users where they are and where they prefer to be to stay connected.

Carrier Services

Accelerate the adoption of next generation Carrier Messaging Solutions

Infinite Convergence Solution's Carrier Products are standards-compliant and next-generation ready, supporting the needs of carrier's legacy networks today, while providing an evolution path to enhanced IMS/IP based or cloud-based networks and LTE capabilities for the future. With 2000 years of combined experience developing standards-based messaging solutions, the Infinite team is positioned to help address the unique challenges of operators' networks today and in the future.

Short Messaging Service

Short Messaging Service Center (SMSC) is a proven, carrier-grade solution delivering industry-leading availability and capacity, which scales to any size deployment. The solution’s extensive feature set supports CDMA, GSM and IMS messaging formats, enabling legacy to IP technology interworking.

Rich Communication Services

Rich Communications Services (RCS) provides a full Network Function Virtualization (NFV) implementation of the GSMA standard. The Solution fully integrates the RCS Application Server, Presence Server, and Network Address Book (NAB), which can be deployed with a full IMS Core or over a data network without the underlying IMS Core using RCS-in-a-Box (RCS eXtend).

Multimedia Messaging Service

Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC) is a proven, carrier-grade solution delivering superb availability and capacity for multimedia messaging to consumers for one-to-one and group messaging. Exclusive provider to some of the world’s largest multimedia deployments with industry-leading transcoding capabilities and a rich feature set, the MMSC solution reliably supports multimedia for both person-to-person and application-to-person services.

Personal Messaging Cloud

Personal Messaging Cloud (PMC) is a proven, long-term message storage solution delivering multi-device synchronization between a consumer’s devices. Consumers can now confidently change devices mid-conversation and seamlessly pick up where they left off.

Broadcast Message Center

Broadcast Message Center (BMC) is a field-proven, carrier-grade solution designed for simultaneous message delivery to multiple cellular users in a specified area. With the Infinite Convergence BMC, messages can be distributed quickly and efficiently to all active mobile devices in one or more cells or to all active devices in a cellular network.

Universal Messaging Center

Universal Messaging Center (UMC) is an IP Short Message Gateway with a proven, carrier-grade solution delivering industry-leading availability and capacity, which scales to any size deployment. The UMC provides SMS delivery over IP networks for transport and service level interworking with the legacy SMS network.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway (SMSGW) is a proven, carrier-grade solution delivering industry-leading availability and capacity, which scales to any size deployment. Currently the exclusive provider to North America’s largest messaging service, the solution supports a highly flexible routing engine and an architecture that allows for both Maximum Throughput and Maximum Connections.

Presence Server

Presence Server/XDMS (PS/XDMS) provides a full Network Function Virtualization (NFV) implementation of the Presence Service. A Presence service is the transfer of information(including capability exchange, social presence, and more), via a Presence Server, from a presentity (presence entity) to one or more watchers, aimed at facilitating and optimizing the communications between them, by using the most appropriate means at the most opportune time.

Public Safety

Public Safety Multimedia Messaging (PSMM) solution provides a secure and reliable way for first responders and public safety officials to process mission-critical messaging. Providing text and multimedia messaging in real time with assured delivery, Infinite Convergence’s PSMM solution provides a scalable solution allowing multiple agencies to share a single system, yet maintain separate communication within an agency.

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