Infinite Convergence’s NetSfere Omnichannel integrates with Amtelco’s Intelligent Series, Genesis and Telescan Spectrum platforms to offer robust, reliable, time-sensitive 2-way SMS service for call centers and telephone answering services. The NetSfere Omnichannel service enables your agents to have an interactive communication with their clients instantly and effortlessly.

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Key Benefits


Intelligent Routing

Achieve mobile delivery success rate closer to 100% with redundant routes and included alternate sender ID numbers for seamless fallback, providing full messaging redundancy


Rich Analytics

Provides comprehensive analytics and customized reports for detailed visibility into service usage and message delivery


Data Archiving

Automatic schedule data archiving. All data storage to disk are encrypted and can be stored for a configurable amount of time



Secure communication to & from the EMS is ensured using secure protocols. All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data at rest are encrypted & all data stored to disk & disk I/O are encrypted



Enterprise Web-based Portal enables enterprises to monitor your service, get message and delivery analytics to measure program success, and manage your accounts

The Amtelco integration makes it easy to get your messaging channel up and running immediately. Your agents can send and receive SMS from a 10DLC (10-digit long code in the US), long code (local number in other countries), toll-free number, short code, or your existing business landline number. With coverage through 800 cellular service providers in 180 countries, you can access your clients through a single connection, ensuring message delivery worldwide.

Key Features

  • Two way enabled – Utilizing Industry standard communication protocols to improve time to deployment
  • Support in North America and beyond with robust SMS routes and fallback contingency plans
  • Options for Text-Enabling your Call Center’s existing Phone Numbers or your Client’s Phone Numbers
  • Secure cloud gateway with geo-diversity servers
  • Tiered Volume-Based Pricing
  • Improves message density compared to GSM modems and SMTP email to SMS messaging
  • Opt-in/Opt-out - Complies with messaging regulations and provides flexibility to users
  • Requests and tracks the delivery receipts from the mobile network
  • Proactive 24x7x365 monitoring with stringent SLAs
  • HIPAA compliant cloud instance

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