SMS Gateway (SMSGW) is a proven, carrier-grade solution delivering industry-leading availability and capacity, which scales to any size deployment. Currently the exclusive provider to North America’s largest messaging service, the solution supports a highly flexible routing engine and an architecture that allows for both Maximum Throughput and Maximum Connections.


A Flexible and Powerful SMS Gateway Solution for Carriers

The SMS Gateway solution centralizes routing information, streamlining the operation and maintenance of the SMS network and making it easier to manage inter-carrier messaging activities. Built to support both Maximum Throughput and a Maximum Connections, the SMS Gateway is the premier gateway solution for any carrier’s SMS network.


More Subscribers

Acting as a router and load balancer for short message service, the SMS Gateway makes it easier for operators to launch new value-added applications—generating additional revenue and increasing their subscriber bases.


Robust Application Support

The Infinite Convergence SMS Gateway enables carriers to offer a wide range of services and applications including telematics, inter-carrier message routing, enterprise applications, mobile banking and e-commerce.


Premium Message Configuration

The SMS Gateway can be configured to help operators manage the complexity that premium message traffic and enhanced content introduce to the SMS network.


A2P Traffic Management

By supporting high capacity, availability and dynamic scalability, the SMS Gateway helps growing operators manage spikes in A2P traffic.


Flexible Deployment

  • Available in-network, in the Cloud or as a hosted solution, the SMS Gateway is a fully virtualized and hardware-agnostic NFV-compliant and SOLxxx compliant solution enabling deployments on a variety of platforms and cloud environments – both public and private.

  • Key Features and Capabilities

    • Flexible routing engine
    • Intelligent selection of transaction and store-and-forward delivery modes
    • Address translations
    • Source address restriction and authentication
    • Inter-carrier source address authentication
    • Local Number Portability
    • SMTP support
    • Customer configurable scaling
    • Content rating
    • Program ID validation
    • SMS A2P support
    • Geographically redundant architecture
    • A fully virtualized solution allows deployment on a variety of hardware options
    • Extensive statistics and graphical reporting
    • Powerful SMPP analyzer