Encrypted Text Messages

Why Your Enterprise Needs Encrypted Text Messages

At first glance, encrypted text messages may seem like an unnecessary security measure. But consider this: in enterprise organizations, instant messaging has become a common way for team members to communicate with each other, with partners and even with customers. And in many cases, employees are using risky, consumer-grade apps to share sensitive corporate and customer information.

Like it or not, you can't stop your employees from communicating via instant messaging. In fact, you should be encouraging them to leverage text messages to improve communication, collaboration and productivity in the workplace. But the catch is that you'll need to equip them with an enterprise messaging app with encrypted text messages to protect your data.

Common Enterprise Text Messaging Problems

Encrypted text messages are rapidly becoming standard operating procedure in corporations that require seamless communication and collaboration among a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders. The steady stream of high profile data losses at large corporations is forcing IT execs and other decision-makers to seriously evaluate the security of their organizations' instant messaging platforms.

But information security isn't the only advantage your business can gain from advanced technologies that facilitate encrypted text messages. Other benefits of secure mobile messaging include:

  • Safe and reliable employee communication on company-owned or BYOD devices
  • The ability to share photos, files and other sensitive attachments
  • Improved productivity through the instant exchange of ideas and information
  • Greater management control over messaging and communications

Messaging encryption gives your organization true communications advantage. But not all messaging solutions are the same. More often than not, the key to tapping into the advantages of encrypted text messages boils down to selecting an enterprise messaging platform that aligns with your organization's goals and requirements.

Transitioning to Encrypted Text Messages

The transition from consumer-grade messaging apps to a robust enterprise messaging platform is an important goal for companies located in a range of industries. To make the process a little easier, it's critical to identify enterprise messaging solutions that enable encrypted text messages and offer several other essential features:

  • Cloud Storage - Cloud-based messaging platforms improve security by providing a centralized location for the storage of messages and data. They also improve IT efficiency by eliminating the need to install updates and upgrades on individual devices.
  • Strong Security Standards - The industry standard for data and message security is 256-bit encryption. Advanced algorithms increase security even further by protecting data and information as it is transmitted from device to device.
  • Messaging Reliability - Your organization's instant messaging technology has to be reliable. If users are out of range for Wi-Fi or cellular data, the platform should offer an alternative delivery method, e.g. SMS text.
  • Management Control - Compliance with enterprise data policies is a prerequisite for your company's messaging solution. But you should also consider whether candidate platforms give your IT team the ability to effectively manage account access and other tasks.

Encrypted Text Messages with NetSfere

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