The Upside of Cloud Security for Enterprise Instant Messaging Solutions

Enterprise instant messaging solutions have revolutionized how companies conduct internal communications. The ability to share information in a secure, reliable fashion means employees no longer have to rely on email and other outdated methods of collaboration, greatly improving enterprise productivity.

As the number of companies using enterprise messaging technology continues to grow, so does the need to adequately store and archive messages. And while companies have traditionally stored information in on-site repositories, it can be difficult to scale traditional in-house storage to meet security and compliance policies.

The Downside of On-Premise Solutions and Storage

Several federal regulations including HIPAA, FINRA, Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes Oxley (among others) were amended as the presence of enterprise instant messaging solutions began to increase. Specifically, these amendments address how messages are stored, archived and retrieved, actions that are difficult to undertake when companies use on-premise storage solutions. Additionally, traditional methods of data retention are more likely to cause ongoing internal issues:

  • Physical Vulnerabilities – Information kept in an in-house solution is at a greater risk for damage, unauthorized access and loss.
  • High Costs – Traditional storage systems need to be regularly upgraded, requiring constant investments in new technology that drive up hardware costs.
  • Never-Ending Updates – IT staff is responsible for staying on top of mandatory server upgrades and updates to ensure the storage system is performing adequately and in compliance with industry regulations.

Enterprises looking for a better storage solution are using cloud-based platforms. Cloud security is a cost-effective, safer option for large companies that need a scalable storage tool to house employee messages and information.

Why Cloud Data Storage for Enterprise Instant Messaging Solutions Matters

The ability to house and manage messages and information is a critical part of using enterprise instant messaging solutions. Cloud-based storage allows account managers and IT administrators to remain in complete control of the enterprise’s information, while checking several other important boxes:

  • Robust Security – The integrity of internal company data should never be compromised. Cloud security offers the highest level of data encryption. At a minimum, a 256-bit encryption key and elliptical key exchange keep information secure when it’s stored.
  • Easy Access for Authorized Users – Account managers and IT administrators can easily access the database to call up employee message history, wipe inactive accounts and more. Most cloud-based platform can also be remotely accessed in the event an account manager is not present.
  • Real-Time Reporting – Interested in how instant messaging is being leveraged across the enterprise? Cloud-based technology allows account administrators to track key performance indicators like volume of messages sent, active accounts and more.

It’s Time to Get Your Enterprise Instant Messaging Solutions in the Cloud

When you choose NetSfere for your enterprise instant messaging solutions, you’re getting technology that’s equipped with cloud security and agile storage capabilities. Our service is convenient, cost-effective, easy-to-use and entirely scalable.

Message storage and management have never been simpler. To learn more about the cloud-based storage capabilities of NetSfere’s enterprise instant messaging solutions, contact us today.

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