Partnering to Power Secure, Compliant Mobile Messaging and Communication in the Healthcare Industry

Today, healthcare enterprises are facing growing cyberthreats, evolving regulations and a work from anywhere operational model - all requiring a communication and collaboration technology that can solve for these issues.

Problems solved.

NetSfere and Deutsche Telekom are partnering to bring the power of secure, compliant mobile messaging to health systems and healthcare providers.

This strategic partnership, which brings together NetSfere’s next-generation secure and compliant messaging and mobility solutions with one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, provides healthcare organizations with a simple, secure, encrypted mobile messaging platform.

When it comes to meeting the sophisticated requirements of today’s healthcare industry, NetSfere’s partnership with Deutsche Telekom focuses on enabling communication that is:

  • Secure – NetSfere encrypts communications, making it compliant with HIPAA, GDPR and other global regulations, allowing medical staff to safely transmit sensitive patient data and images.
  • Robust functionality - In addition to voice communications, screensharing, and video calling, NetSfere also offers chat and a broadcast feature and works with a wide range of devices including phones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Easy to use – Rollout of the platform is fast and easy, and the app makes it simple for emergency response teams and hospital staff to communicate with one another.

Working with NetSfere and Deutsche Telekom to deploy NetSfere’s secure mobile messaging platform, healthcare organizations are quickly realizing return on investment. Two of the most recent deployments include:

  • St. Augustinus hospitals, a leading German healthcare group introduced NetSfere for internal communication to halt the use of unsecure consumer-grade messaging apps. After rolling out NetSfere’s mobile messaging platform, the hospital group quickly reported achieving better productivity and collaboration between teams and within the entire group of 5,600 colleagues. St. Augustinus is also leveraging NetSfere Lifeline, a new emergency broadcast feature to the platform, which allows HR and crisis teams to quickly disseminate high priority, critical alerts and emergency information to targeted teams or an entire organization. The hospital group is using this NetSfere broadcast feature to keep employees up to date on information related to the pandemic through its “Corona Ticker” NetSfere Lifeline channel.
  • Vestische Caritas-Kliniken GmbH (VCK), a medical provider in Germany selected NetSfere for real-time communication, not only to make communication and collaboration simple and secure but to help provide a time saving immediacy of care that can help save lives. Two months after the introduction of NetSfere, Dr. Dacuna da Silva, a senior physician at St. Vincenz Krankenhaus (a VCK medical center), released initial data on the success of the project saying, “as a result of using NetSfere to communicate, we’re saving an average of 45 minutes per emergency response.”

It’s clear that the NetSfere - Deutsche Telekom partnership is working to help healthcare enterprises seamlessly and securely communicate to improve workflows, enhance efficiency, optimize productivity, and collaborate in real-time to deliver lifesaving critical care.

That’s a partnership made for powering the most effective, efficient healthcare communication and collaboration.

To learn more about how NetSfere can help your healthcare organization improve patient care and operational efficiency with secure mobile messaging, download our whitepaper and contact us today.

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