In an Environment of Uncertainty Enterprises Can Be Certain of Seamless, Secure, Compliant Mobile Messaging with NetSfere

With the arrival of the new year enterprises are still navigating through uncertainty as the pandemic continues to linger. Cyberthreats are evolving and it is projected that the new year will bring more threats than ever. Another unknown is the compliance and regulatory landscape which is likely to expand with new state and federal laws. In an environment of elevated cyber risk and uncertainty, enterprises need to be certain that their business communication is secure and compliant. That requires a mobile messaging platform which is up to the task – NetSfere.

Agile communication and seamless collaboration while reducing risk and meeting evolving compliance mandates is a certainty with NetSfere.

Here’s why:

Security is a certainty

NetSfere is a mobile-first, multi-platform that provides industry-leading end-to-end encryption across every device. The platform uses device-to-device encryption via a unique key. This key scrambles messages during transmission, unlocking only after they reach receivers’ devices. With NetSfere, encryption is always on, protecting enterprise data, intellectual property and compliance.

Compliance is a certainty

Compliance is guaranteed with NetSfere. NetSfere features the administrative, technical and physical data security practices that make it easy for organizations to meet the most demanding and evolving global compliance and privacy requirements including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, DFA, and more.

Control is a certainty

NetSfere provides IT administrators with powerful administrative controls that enable centralized account management, file sharing and policy compliance, remote wipe, real-time reporting and other capabilities, giving IT departments the controls they need to securely manage the distribution of information across the enterprise.

Effective emergency communication is a certainty

NetSfere Lifeline™ emergency alert system helps enterprises disseminate vital information quickly and reliably during crises. That’s critical for keeping today’s distributed workforce updated in real-time to rapidly changing conditions. Using NetSfere Lifeline™, organizations can save precious response time to protect employees and help mitigate risk in times of crisis.

Seamless internal communication is a certainty

Designed for use in the enterprise, organizations can depend on NetSfere for instantaneous, contextual, seamless communication and collaboration that delivers better business results.

Bringing together text, voice and video, NetSfere streamlines messaging, allowing distributed teams to efficiently connect in real time.

Anytime, anywhere customer engagement is a certainty

NetSfere’s Omnichannel platform allows organizations to seamlessly engage customers across their preferred channels – anytime, anywhere. Powered by APIs, NetSfere’s easy-to-use Omnichannel platform allows developers to quickly build and integrate real-time customer communication at scale to deliver rich, personalized experiences.

In an environment of uncertainty, be certain your enterprise communication is seamless, secure and compliant. Contact us today to learn more.

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