Enterprise Text Messaging

The 5 Most Common Enterprise Text Messaging Problems

Enterprise text messaging presents opportunities for large, growth-minded companies to extend the value of their investments in communication and collaboration technologies. With advanced messaging, you can equip employees with the tools to stay constantly connected to peers, managers, partners and clients.

But allowing employees to control your organization's choice of text messaging platforms can be a big mistake. Why? Because consumer-grade messaging apps lack the features and functionality you need to achieve the security and productivity you expect from enterprise solutions.

Common Enterprise Text Messaging Problems

There is a lot riding on your organization's enterprise text messaging technology. Even small hiccups in your communications processes can create big headaches for employees and managers. In many cases, the inability to quickly connect with team members or external stakeholders can even translate into real dollar losses.

At NetSfere, we equip large organizations with the secure mobile messaging solutions they need to achieve true business advantage. Some of the most common enterprise text messaging problems we've seen over the years include:

  • Unreliable Message Delivery -- As a corporate decision-maker, you're responsible for making sure that your employees have the communications technology they need, when they need. Yet many messaging apps are unreliable and don't offer the breadth of features your team needs to share messages, photos, files and other attachments.
  • Lack of Management Control -- In addition to their other vulnerabilities, consumer-grade messaging apps make it impossible for IT and corporate managers to exert necessary control over the company's communication system. Remote wipe capabilities, the ability to deactivate expired accounts, performance tracking--it all counts when it comes to your enterprise messaging platform.
  • Questionable Data Security -- Data security is a concern for enterprises across all industries. A simple occurrence of lost or stolen data can send your business into a tailspin, creating serious divisions between the company and its customers. However, anemic text messaging solutions are extremely vulnerable to data security breaches, especially if they don't feature 256-bit encryption and secure device-to-device encryption for the transmission of messages and data.
  • On-Device Storage -- No one (except fraudsters and cybercriminals) wins when data and messages are stored on employees' mobile devices. On-device storage creates unnecessary opportunities for security lapses when devices are lost or stolen. Instead, the best enterprise text messaging solutions feature secure, centralized cloud storage to minimize the potential for data loss.
  • No Functionality for Multiple Devices -- You use multiple devices over the course of a typical business day. And so do your employees. That's why it's a mistake to ask them to use a messaging app that can only be used on a single device. To improve productivity and incentivize your team to make the most of enterprise text messaging, consider implementing an enterprise text messaging solution with multi-device functionality.

In many enterprises, the use of non-approved, the use of consumer-grade messaging and chat apps is the elephant in the room--everyone knows it's happening, but no one wants to address the security risks it poses to the organization.

The simple truth is that your enterprise can't afford to look the other way any longer. The security risks are real and the time to implement secure messaging solutions is now.

NetSfere: Your One-Stop Enterprise Text Messaging Solution

NetSfere is an exceptionally robust enterprise text messaging platform that is designed to overcome common corporate message problems. Our next-generation approach to enterprise messaging allows internal and external users to safely communicate messages and information in real-time, using a convenient Web interface or mobile messaging app.

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