Powering Healthcare Communication Across the Globe: NetSfere Selected as a Communications Supplier Under the NHS Patient Communications Framework

Healthcare organizations across the globe are leveraging NetSfere’s mobile messaging platform to streamline communication, optimize workflows and deliver better patient care. Now, organizations that are part of the National Health Service (NHS), UK’s comprehensive public-health system, have an opportunity to enhance internal and external communication with NetSfere as a result of the platform’s selection as a communications supplier under the NHS Patient Communications Framework.

The framework allows NHS organizations and wider public sector bodies to efficiently and effectively access selected compliant communications solutions that deliver better and faster communication in an environment of increasing demand. NetSfere’s mobile messaging platform is the perfect solution for helping meet the key objective of the NHS Patient Communications Framework which centers on “supporting healthcare professionals to provide effective clinical care while improving clinical efficiency and safety to drive increases in patient satisfaction.”

Healthcare organizations like NHS can deploy NetSfere to streamline and improve clinical communication which reduces complexity in clinical workflows. With NetSfere, clinicians and healthcare teams can share patient notes and images and connect one-to-one or in groups over preferred communication channels– text, voice and video – while securely complying with all relevant data protection, privacy and patient safety regulations.

NetSfere creates a more contextual, seamless communications experience that allows busy hospitals, physician practices and healthcare organizations to improve communication, increase productivity and deliver better patient outcomes.

NetSfere’s simple and secure mobile messaging and collaboration platform features device-to-device encryption and total compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and other international healthcare regulations that make the platform the number one trusted messaging solution for the healthcare industry.

NetSfere also enables digital patient engagement from a single platform with multichannel to orchestrate the customer communication journey, including 1-way and 2-way SMS, MMS and RCS messaging, push notifications, voice, email, and social media messaging. The platform provides key benefits like intelligent routing and cost optimization, content management, number validation for increased open rates, full enterprise admin controls, rich analytics, and data archiving.

NHS organizations can also implement NetSfere Lifeline through the framework. The solution allows enterprises to send high priority, critical messaging for targeted teams or an entire organization to disperse emergency information in an attention-grabbing manner. Messages can include text, images, or locations, ensuring that all essential information can be shared quickly in critical situations.

Don’t settle for anything but the best in mobile messaging solutions for healthcare. Contact us today to learn more about NetSfere’s industry leading, HIPAA and GDPR-compliant mobile messaging platform today.

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